Women’s Frye Harness Boot – 2010 Hottest Styles

women's frye harness boot

I’ve been following the development of women’s Frye Harness boot styles for over a year now. And it’s been an interesting range of boots to follow! Due to the staggering level of popularity these boots have grown, new versions of the “R” harness boot have been added. As well as some harness styles included in other Frye women’s collections.

women's frye harness boot

women’s frye harness boot

Stylish Harness Boots

Here’s a list of the best Frye Harness boot styles in 2010:

Harness 12R Boot – This boot has certainly held its own in terms of popularity – it has been the top seller of the line and still appears to be. This boot has a simple yet bold look, women’s frye harness boot and at the same time has the ability to add a lot of flair to a host of different styles for women.

Harness 8R Boot And Harness 15R Boot Women’s Frye Harness Boot:

Harness 8R Boot – Here’s the shorter version of the 12R that appears just below mid-calf level. This boot can be worn with everything from shorter skirts to jeans without a problem. And is a good option for women who want to add a women’s frye harness boot slightly molded look to their legs.

Harness 15R Boot – When I first saw this taller version of the 12R released. I could only find it in a leather shade, now I know it can be found in at least three colors. This boot seemed to be gaining popularity even shortly after its release. And has a “long and tall” look with the bold, angular harness.

Frye Carmen Harness – This boot really needs to be seen to get the full concept of the look – it is insanely beautiful! It has a higher heel and the boot shoe is quite feminine. The harness accessory has a “ribbon” look.

Women’s Harness Boots Available From Frye:

Almost as if it has been hung around the ankle instead of fastened. It is available in short and tall versions and can be found in some rich and earth tones. If you are a woman who loves feminine boots, this is the one to check out!

Frye Maxine Harness – This is a harness version of Maxine, which has a longer, taller, riding-inspired basic style. Last year (2009) I saw the “Trapunto” harness replace the original Maxine harness. Which has a bit of a back that goes down the middle of the harness. This boot is also quite feminine and is a classic look that will always be in style.

There are other women’s harness boots available from Frye – some have a more western flair. Some with a beautiful feminine appeal. However, the above list women’s frye harness boot seems to include the best-selling women’s Frye Harness boots of 2010.

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